The major upcoming Groups in the Parish

Month of the Precious Blood
June 28, 2018
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June 29, 2018
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The major upcoming Groups in the Parish


 1. Catholic Men association (CMA)

Men between the age of 18yrs  and above are requested to join Catholic Men Association. The aim is to bring together all Catholic men into a Christian Community where they share God’s Word. This is where they are going to be equipped with skills as Christians  and the witnesses of the church. Through this association, learning, interaction, it will help them to be good example setters in the Church and in the communities. If you want to walk fast walk alone, if you want to go far look for a partner. We target to  mould our men  by developing their spiritual, emotional, social, physical and cultural values to enable them to take up responsibilities individually, at home and in society. We wish to grow up a spiritual based christian community through this CMA group.  This will lead to a transformative leadership in the church and responsible christian based values.

2. Young Adults Catholic Association

  Formation of Young Catholic Adults group

Our Parish invites all youths between the age of 27-35 years to join the (YCA) Young Adults Catholic Association. This group is born in our Parish to accommodate Senior Youths  who feel they are outgrown or they have been in youths group for along period, or maybe due to marriage or having children. This the best place for you to be as a Young adult. Under the youths chaplain Fr Joseph Martinez, his  passion for the young  adults made him start this group in the Parish to Save souls for Christ.
  • Make all youths to efficaciously contribute to the society through the effort of the church and enhancing the  spiritual growth among the youths.
  • Spreading the gospel of Christ to the Nations. To save souls and set an exemplary life of Christ.
  • Being the light of the world so that those in the darkness they may see the light and come to back to Christ.

How will the group benefit to the youths?

Our main am is spiritual development. Perhaps, We are focused to bring the real change to our youths in the church by enabling both Spiritual  and Social growth.

This team will be planning the activities that cut across Individual and group spiritual nourishment;

  • Mass participation and animation
  • Bible Study
  • Adoration, Benediction and Confessions
  • Formations, Retreats and Recollections
  • Novenas and other prayers etc.
  • Supporting each other in all the situations weather in happiness or in trial.
  • Being one’s brother keeper

“But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint”.


The team recruitment is ongoing. The group will officially be launched in the month of September 2018 at the Deanery level at Sacred Heart Lang’ata.

All are welcome.

3. Catholic Justice and Peace Commission (CJPC)

It is a new and  upcoming group in our Parish that replaced HR Human Rights department. The aim is to start and build up a peaceful community to all people despite of the race, background or tribe. We really want to promote peace, togetherness oneness, love and unity amongst the communities. We all belong to one family, that is heavenly family God being our Father. It is a Catholic Faith based foundation. We are recruiting  Catholic members from each and every Jumuiya from all the Sub Parishes within our Parish.

4. The Pastoral team

This is a group that has been renewed to serve the Parish.  The team will serve the Parish community and help the Christians to better  carry out the mission.  The aim of the team is to give spiritual and emotional support. This is the team that will work hand in hand with our Parish priest in spiritual development in the parish. The pastoral team will offer the support to all people in heir triumphs, joys, pain, anxiety or whatever may come along. It will be launched and be blessed in the month on August 5th 2018.

                       Responsibilities of the Pastoral Team

  • To promote and coordinate  new initiatives of the established pastoral work
  • Foster coordination and communication among the Catechists in every Pastoral affair
  • To animate Pastoral activities of the Parish groups
  • To propose adequate Catechesis for the celebration of sacraments
  • Developing various catechetical programs and adequate methods
  • To cultivate missionary spirit in the Parish
  • To participate in the liturgical preparations


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