Integral Human Development

Head Of Human Integral Development

Integral Human Development is one of the biggest and the most important department in our Parish. It was started by the Guadalupe missionaries with an aim of  empowering  jobless women in Kibera slums. It has busted the living standard of women in the society and at least many women can earn their own daily bread through this department of Integral Human Development.

The Integral Human Development is committed to bring changes in the slums and empower a woman through handy work. Women  are taught how to make dresses, hand bags, duvets, towels, blankets, school bags among others. We basically  work with the vitenge, kanga, masaai sheets, generally we do the traditional thing but in an upgraded mannerAfter the work shop we organize for an exhibition to cell our products with the help of our lay missionaries Rosa Maria, Alma and Angelina. Through this we make money. This activity has enabled our mothers in the society  realize their potential and ability to be strong and independent.

We work together in order to get better way of living, not just for us and our families, but also for the society and other women outside Kibera through workshop, seminars,lessons on healthcare, spiritual life and other basic skills that can help them make or earn a living independently.

We are a vibrant community which efficaciously contribute and work hand in hand with the Guadalupe missionaries  for the diversity of the society. We are very pessimistic to be the leading organisation in the slums as we aim to grow both spiritually, emotionally, Psychologically and economically.


To unite the community (members) and empower them holistically in order to improve their living conditions.


To generate a sustainable projects to improve living conditions of the Marginalized.


Human Development:
• To integrate people of diverse cultures into a vibrant community and promote peace, love and unity.

Spiritual Development:
• To raise awareness of the dignity of God’s children by promoting the values of justice and peace.

Economical Empowerment:
• Empower the community  through workshops and training to manage
their resources to bring about faithfulness and self reliance.