Parish Pastoral Council Executive

A pastoral council is a consultative body in dioceses and parishes of the Roman Catholic Church that serves to advise the Parish Priest or Bishop about pastoral issues. The council’s main purpose is to investigate, reflect and reach conclusions about pastoral matters to recommend to the parish priest or bishop as appropriate.

Role of the PPC int he church
The Parish Pastoral Council is a consultative body, pastoral in nature, because it strives to discern the movement of the Holy Spirit among God’s people in the parish. A Parish Pastoral Council gives its help to the pastor in fostering pastoral activity; it investigates, under the authority of the pastor, all those things which pertain to pastoral works to ponder them, and to propose practical conclusions about them. It is essential that Council meetings occur in the context of prayer and openness to the Holy Spirit, so that at all times the common good will prevail.

Specifically, the Parish Pastoral Council’s purpose is to enhance the process of:
• Pastoral planning
• Developing pastoral programs
•Improving pastoral services
• Evaluating the pastoral effectiveness of various programs and services

Although the Council is not a body which makes binding decisions, the recommendations of the Pastoral Council are to be taken seriously when grounded in prayer, discernment and communal wisdom.

The pastor presides over the Parish Pastoral Council. The pastor is responsible for the final approval of Council recommendations concerning pastoral planning, programs, and services for the parish, as well as for their implementation. While the pastor is not obliged to follow the recommendations of the Parish Pastoral Council, it is understood that he ought to do so unless there is a compelling reason to do otherwise. If there is such a reason, the pastor should share this with the Council.



  2. JOSEPH CHEGE               – VICE CHAIRMAN
  5. JOYCE MBAYA                  – SECRETARY
  1. Jared Ocharo     -Chairman Laini saba Sub-Parish
  2. Quinto Barasa   -Chairman Lindi Sub-Parish
  3. Peter Muli          -Chairman HighRise  Sub-Parish
  4. Schola Mumo    -Acting Chair Lady Shilanga Sub-Parish
  5. Patrick Kaloki    -Chair man of the Choir department in the Parish
  6. Peter Ondari      -Chairman Couple department in the Parish
  7. Peninah Mbuto  -Chair Lady CWA in the parish
  8. Veronicah Mwikali -Chair Lady PMC/MYM in the Parish
  9. Cleophus Omomndi -Chairman Youth Department in the Parish
  10. Onesmus Nyamai      – Faith Formation Coordinator  Department
  11. Tabitha Wamehiga    – Secretary Laini Saba Sub-Parish
  12. Franciscar Nthenje    -Secretary HighRise Sub-Parish
  13. Joseph Isumba            -Secretary Lindi Sub-Parish
  14. Elizabeth Sakwa          -Secretary Shilanga Sub-Parish
  15. Elizabeth Wambui      -Secretary Soweto  Sub-Parish
  16. Rosa                               -Integral Human department
  17. Regine Ndunge           – Member Laini Saba Sub-Parish
Fr Jose Guadalupe rea Martinez
Father in charge

Fr Jose Guadalupe rea Martinez

The PPC Members
Parish Pastoral Council Executive

The PPC Members

Benjamin Mayega

PPC Chair Man

Joikseph Chege

Ass. Chair man PPC Council

Sylvester Munguti

Treasurer PPC

Carolyne Were

Secretary PPC Executive

Jocye Mbaya

Secretary PPC Executive

The PPC Council