St. Daniel Comboni, Shilanga

Our History

This sub-parish started in the year 1994. The few Small Christian Communities who were there started to meet in their houses for prayers on Sundays after Mass. By then those SCCs were parts of St. Michael’s parish Langata.

As the number of Christians continued to increase we needed a church were we could gather together for Mass and prayers, later we got a space (room) where we constructed a small church; and We started celebrating Mass every Tuesday evening. By then there were only 5 small Christian communities; St. Andrew, St. Peter, St. Francis Xavier, St. Joseph and St. Dominic.

As the number of faithful continued to increase we needed a bigger church to accommodate them during the Mass, so in the year 2002 with the assistance of Fr. Raul Nava (parish priest by then) we bought another land along Shilanga road; and there we constructed a new church. In the year 2003 we completed the new church and we started to celebrate Mass every Tuesday evening and Sundays.

Since 2003, catechumens have been receiving instructions in this sub-parish and many have received sacraments.

Currently the sub-parish has 8 SCCs: St. Andrew, St. Joseph, St. Francis Xavier, St. Dominic, St. Peter, St. Stephen, St. Benedetta, and St. Augustine. Other groups are; choir, youth and PMC, with more than 500 faithful.