St. Gabriel Soweto

Our History

St. Gabriel Soweto started in 1999 with four small Christian communities; namely St. Ann, St. Luke, St. Raphael and St. Matthias Mulumba. As the number of Christian continued to increase there a house for the small Christian communities was needed, where they could gather for prayers.

In the year 1999 Paul Njoroge who was a member of St. Ann Small Christian community with the assistance of other leaders got a plot in Soweto. Then they met Fr. Roberto who was the parish Priest by then and together they agreed to purchase the plot where they later constructed the church.

The church had three sections; one for the tailoring school, the kitchen and the church itself. After the construction the church was equipped with benches, the school got several sewing machines and the kitchen was fitted with cooker for the cakes.

Leaders of the small Christian communities who facilitated the starting of this sub-parish were; Paul Njoroge, Simon Ngure, Jackson kamau, Teresa Muthoni, and Michael Opiyo among others. This was under the leadership of the Parish Priest, Fr. Roberto Figueroa.

Small Christian communities used to gather in the church for prayers on the following days; on Monday St. Ann, Tuesday St. Luke, Wednesday St. Raphael and Thursday St. Mathias Mulumba: on Fridays evening all small Christian communities came together for mass.

Soon after, Sunday school started; whereby children were taught by volunteer teachers with the assistance of Joyce Mugure who was the matron by then.

In the year 2003 we started having Sunday Mass, which enhanced the formation of St. Gabriel choir to make the liturgy lively. More youth started to come for the Mass on Sundays which eventually led to the formation of the St. Gabriel youth.

Catechumen started receiving instructions in preparation for the sacraments, with the assistance of volunteer catechists. Since then up to date, a big number of Christians have received sacraments in this church.

Currently this sub-parish has seven small Christian communities: St. Ann, St. Luke, St. Raphael, St. Mathias Mulumba, St. Vincent de Paul, St. Apolonia and St. Michael. Other parish groups are; Youth, St. Choir and PMC.