St. Jude, Highrise

Our History

St. Jude sub-parish Highrise started in the year 1992, with the formation of new SCCs as an outstation of Christ the king sub-parish. These SCCs used to meet for prayers during the weekdays in their houses and on Sunday they go for mass at Lainisaba (main Church)

After sometime the number of SCCs increased and the parish priest (Fr. Roberto) saw the need of having Mass celebrations in Highrise. We started looking for a space where we could gather for Mass. At long last we got a space in an open ground, where we started to gather for mass on Sundays. Later we managed to construct a temporary church in which the year 2002 St. Jude became a sub-parish. We started having Mass celebrations every Wednesday evening and on Sundays.

Catechumen classes began in preparation for the sacraments; in which a big number of people received sacraments here i.e. baptism, confirmation, Holy Communion and matrimony.

Currently the sub-parish has 10 SCCs and other parish groups which includes; choir, youth and PMC.

The numbers of Christians have increased gradually and now we are in the process of constructing a permanent church.